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Looped is a community of designers, artists and creators working with upcycling existing material and garments.

It is a platform full of change-makers looking to challenge the current structure of the fashion industry.

why upcycle?

  • Each year we are producing 100 Billion pieces of clothing, of which 92 million tons are discarded and only 1% of this is recycled into new clothing


  • 5% of all global landfills are being taken up by textile waste


  • One of the key requirements for the industry to meet the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement is to work towards a system where at least 1 in 5 garments produced is resold through a circular economy system.


As it stands, the fashion industry is not sustainable. We created Looped, as we are deeply passionate about sustainability, and we wanted to create an alternative solution.



Upcycling is to creatively reuse discarded clothing, objects or materials in their current form

to create a product of higher quality or value than the original components. 



With upcycle we avoid the production of new materials, re-utilising what we normally would have considered waste, re-valuing it. 


While recycling or downcycling relies on the use of chemicals or mechanical procedures to break down fibers to be made into new fabrics and materials, Upcycling can double the life expectancy of a garment while avoiding any further environmental impact making it one of the most sustainable things you can do in the industry today. 

our vision


Our vision at Looped is to create a platform that highlights creativity while revolutionising the way we view and consume textile waste.

At Looped we envision a new circular system, one that utilises materials and garments already in circulation. 


We are a platform promoting emerging and established upcycled designers, connecting them with brands, materials and collaborators as they bring a new vision to the industry.


More than your everyday marketplace, Looped values transparency, authenticity and creativity. Our concept is built on the vision that upcycling can change the face of the fashion industry as we know it. 


are you a designer?

join the loop!

Looped brings together a community of the most exciting upcycle designers. Each designer will have the ability to create their own profile, where they can showcase their craft, sell their upcycled creations and tell their story. 


At Looped we believe that for the fashion industry to become fully sustainable, collaboration is key. That is why along with being a marketplace platform to sell products, Looped will be facilitating collaborations between brands and our designers.


By creating a community of like-minded collaborators, forging long-term relationships and gathering their excess materials we are able to collectively support and promote our designers, their creativity and innovation, while highlighting their story.


The face of upcycling is changing and we are at the forefront of this change; together we can use it to revolutionise the fashion industry.


We are always looking to work with designers who believe what we believe.


If you are a UK or EU based designer, interested in joining the Looped community, complete the form below.

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