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Upcycle Marketplace Looped is now Alterist



Looped announces that we have made the decision to change our name to Alterist.


Following our transformation over the past year, ‘Alterist’ perfectly represents our mission and vision as we lead up to our official launch in February 2022.


In 2020, we began our journey as Looped with the mission to reduce textile waste. As the term ‘Looped’ is known for its representation of the circular economy, it seemed like the perfect fit. However, as the fast fashion industry began to transform its image to appear more sustainable, we observed that the word Looped had fallen victim to becoming a terminology of greenwashing. For this reason, we decided that we will be launching our upcycle marketplace with a new name that we believe encapsulates our mission and vision.


Alterist is about altering perspective. It is about changing the way we view textile waste. Alterist is about challenging the status quo and the way we view seasonal fashion. Alterist is about altering fashion culture.


Alterist stands by our commitment to reduce textile waste. Launching in February 2022, we are a platform that will host a community of designers and artists who are creating upcycled products from existing materials that would have otherwise been discarded. We want to create a marketplace that unites like-minded, independent designers and provide them with a platform to showcase their unique upcycled creations. 


Alterist is for those who are passionate about fashion, style and creativity but not at the expense of the planet. As we see it, fashion is culture, and culture drives change. Alterist is a brand new circular platform that is defining the future of fashion culture.


To follow our journey and to keep up with our launch, visit www.alterist.com and follow @alteristmarketplace.