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Our mission

is to reduce textile waste

Our vision at Looped is to create a space that celebrates creativity and design while revolutionising the way we view and consume waste.


We believe the fashion industry and society as a whole are at the beginning of a new revolution; we have seen and taken part in this revolution first hand.

We want to create a marketplace that connects like-minded, creative individuals and provides them with a platform to showcase their unique upcycled creations.

We will redefine the future of fashion culture.

fashion is culture

and culture drives change

the team


Our female-led team is passionate about fashion, sustainability and evoking change. 


The idea for Looped came to fruition from our realisations about the changing nature of consumer behaviour and our first-hand observations of the lack of tangible change within the fashion industry. 


We came together campaigning for change, and after witnessing first hand the tendency of the fashion industry to use words rather than actions. We decided to do something about it.

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We are deeply passionate about sustainability and as a purpose driven company, we strive to make a positive impact on our planet, community and industry. Our core values are guided by our five key C's



We fundamentally believe in the power of creativity and the vital role it plays in working towards an alternative fashion landscape. We believe it is through creativity we can shift the current societal view of what is considered waste to create real and meaningful impact



Care is at the backbone of all of our decisions and future planning. We care for our team; we care for our planet, we care for our collaborators and only wish to work with people who share these same goals. We strive to always choose humility over arrogance



Looped was born out of our desire to minimise textile waste. We believe in the value of existing materials already in circulation; it just takes a little creativity to see it. We always strive to work towards the long-term goals rather than the short term, quick fixes



We believe that for the industry to become fully sustainable, collaboration is key. We want to harness the radical imagination of designers and creatives who work with us, and together, provide a tangible solution to the fashion industry's waste problem



We wish to empower all of those we work with. We want to create a space that brings together like-minded individuals, artists and designers. United by hope and creativity, revealing the beauty and impact of collective action